Like I was saying....

The Wiggles

I can’t decide if they are genius or just plain stupid. But The Wiggles must be doing something right. A friend of ours told us about them. Said her daughter loves them. So I watched it with my daughter once. I thought, “What the heck?!?” I thought it was just plain stupid. But for some reason my daughter ended up liking them a little. So I’d turn it on now and then for her. I ended up finding some music from the show for her, even borrowed a cd from someone.

Now? I have songs by The Wiggles in my head all throught the day! Drives me crazy. So whether they’re stupid or not, I have Dorothy the Dinosaur, Fruit Salad, Where it Thumbkin, The Monkey Dance, Shake Your Sillies Out, and many more in my head. So The Wiggles must be doing something right, huh?


  1. yafreax

    i dont know much

  2. Jay

    My son loves them as well… I always get stuck with the "Henry to Octopus" song in my head… The thing parents go through for their kids. We have steered him away from Barney though… 🙂

  3. Rhonda

    I have done the Bear in the Big Blue House cha-cha-cha with my three-year-old niece—in public no less. There are no limit to the things that children's programming can do to otherwise intelligent adults. LOL!!!

  4. rick

    bear in the big blue house is cool, and i don't mind playing bear 8^) – but the wiggles are goofy. sure-fire way to get ANY song out of your head: start humming the worst song ever recorded, "ebony & ivory" by mcartney and wonder. it won't usually stick, and it'll drive any other song out of your head. guaranteed.

  5. Stacey

    Okay…I'm only 10…but I *sometimes* wacth it out of pure bordrom and I think it's very annoying…0.o

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