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Suicide Funeral

You know how you see the local news and there’ll be a story of someone kidnapping someone, being chased by the cops, then someone getting shot? And after you watch the story, you think, “Man, that’s stinking crazy!”

Well that was on the news last Friday here, but it turns out I knew the guy. He was my uncle’s stepson. He kidnapped his wife he was seperated from, the police chased him about 60 miles or so, then he committed suicide. Yesterday was my first funeral because of a suicide. Not that any funerals are “feel good” occasions, but this one was really low.

I really wasn’t close to him at all. Hardly ever saw him. We weren’t really friends and didn’t have a lot in common. But after a funeral like that you end up wondering if there was something you could have done…should have done maybe. Not saying I could have made a difference at all. But could I have swallowed my discomfort in bringing up issues that he was dealing with and trying to offer him the truth that there is hope in Christ. Instead I usually kept to myself and went about my own business.

May God make me more aware of opportunities to be a light for Him….even when it may not be the most comfortable thing for me. Not my will, but His.

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