The past few weeks have been really busy for me. Not crazy busy, but just really steady. This is including weekend stuff and overnight trips and crazy lunch schedules and evening schedules. So today is a day to be at home and get stuff done. I have a few “projects” I have to attend to, but I plan to get a little lazy time in too. Well, maybe this morning has been my lazy time.

But I do need to go and move and finish the fort/swing set that we’re building for my daughters. My dad came down last weekend and we knocked out the hard part. I say hard part, but I meant the stuff that seems to take 2 people to get done. Now most of it seems to be just attatching boards and planks in the right places. I do need to relocate it a bit, so that could take extra people.

This weekend is our Destination Unknown trip. I hope it turns out as well as we’re hoping. But still working on that place to stay.