Well, it seems youth trips are sometimes Sleep Depravation experiments. But especially our Destination Unknown Trips.

Friday morning we all gathered in the parking lot to head out to Birmingham. They kids didn’t know where we were going, and I was missing our road atlas, but it was all good. I knew the first stop. So we stopped in Bessemer, AL to hit Alabama Adventure. It was a nice, small little water park SLASH amusement park on the outskirts of Birmingham. A great place to get a sunburn and get dizzy and throw up.

We missed lunch so made it through thick traffic for a 4pm lunch. What better to do after a late lunch than go to a mall and have an early supper. So we hang out in the air conditioner and then people find their own supper. Then it’s to the big show!  Game Zone and their awesome laser tag.  It might not have been the best I’ve ever played out, but far from the worst. I was even Top Gunner our 2nd game. But we had to punt on the last game because we had to get to the church where we were sleeping. So we rescheduled the last game for the next morning.
So we get to the church, get our bearings, then go get some cokes so we can go to sleep early. This is about midnight by now. So we all break out in a game of Mafia (site, site). If you’ve never played Mafia, I must say it is awesome. But only as awesome as the honesty level of your players. I was quite impressed.

So we go to bed around 4. Probably don’t get any sleep because everyone has Mountain Dew in their veins. Get up at 6:45 and get out of Dodge because there is a wedding happening at the church that day we had to get out of the way of. So with time to kill, we go to McDonalds for breakfast and then to Barnes and Noble to either look at books or sleep in their big comfy chairs.

We squeeze in the last game of Laser Tag. The Red Team comes in victorious again (of course). And then we head home. The drive home was tough, but caffeinated beverages helped me make it.