Like I was saying....

Top 5 again?

MSU lost two weekends ago and dropped to #7 in both polls. But now Okie State and Pitt, both who are above MSU lost this past week and MSU spanked the LSU Tigers again and escaped Vandy @ Vandy to improve to 23-2 on the season.

Last week when Alabama beat us at home, I woke up the next morning and looked at the paper. My first thought was frustration and disappointment. Then I laughed. I was disappointed that we had TWO whole losses at that point.

If we win tomorrow night, then we have clinched at least a share of the SEC Crown. Win Tuesday night AND Saturday and we’re SEC regular season champs outright. How sweet would that be?


  1. Steve

    Ya'll are definitely worthy of a top five spot.

  2. lj

    don't fret it dude. polls are overrated. trust me, I've had to deal with duke being ahead of NC in the polls all my life and much of the time they deserved it, but many times they didn't. It's all about names and favorites and politics and red tape.
    Polls are about as important as movie critics reviews.

    Win the conference and do well in the big dance and you'll get the respect.

  3. Blake

    Steve, has LSU made the tourney?

    LJ, You're a UNC fan. You've been accustomed to being in the Top Ten. We're Mississippi State. We flirted with fame in '96. We broke into the top ten last year only to drop down to the high teens pretty quickly. We've been in the Top Ten for a few weeks now…and I'm still giddy about it. I'm just wanting to hang onto the momentum. Nice win over NC State last weekend, btw.

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