Two years ago, this was the due date for my second child. We didn’t know if the baby was to be a boy or a girl. We were excited about the baby, and wanted to be surprised by the gender. And I had visions of walking out of the delivery room and being able to announce to my family the sex of our new baby. To walk out and see their expectant faces, just waiting on my words of proclamation.

But on this day, things were starting to look kind of scary. My wife was getting some not so encouraging news and advice from her doctor. Here’s what I posted on my blog two years ago. Just know that my entire being was being stressed out at this time.

November 15, 2004 :: Well, the due date is today for our new baby. Still don’t know if it is a boy or a girl. That means I’ll get to smash through the doors into the waiting room where people are holding their breath …. and I’ll scream, “IT”S A ________!” How cool will that be? But we really want to baby to come on so The Wife will be better for the move down there. So I beg your prayers for Bev and the baby. We’re playing the waiting game, right now.

As far as the move itself…we know we’re coming, but not sure what we’re moving into. House here still hasn’t sold. So that could use a little prayer tooAnd last night was our last “regular” youth night here at the church in Amory. Really wasn’t sad until I went to bed and finally got still. Eight years is a long while. The seniors were in 4th grade when I got here. That’s crazy.

But we know that God’s got us right in His hands. We’re really, really looking forward to Clinton and the church and all the students and everything else. It’s going to be awesome!

And then:

November 16, 2004 :: Pray pray pray for The Wife and the baby on the way. She went to the doc again today (Tuesday) and he measured w/ his little tape measure. Then he ordered a sonogram. Results said the baby wasn’t growing much. Monday was the due date, but that’s no biggie. But over the last 3 weeks the baby has only grown a few ounces. That’s not normal. But it did score a perfect 8 of 8 on the bio-physical exam (measures amniotic fluid, heart rate, movement and something else). So it’s strange that those don’t match up.

Anyhow, the doc wanted to induce tonight. But it’s nearly 1am right now, and The Wife’s asleep. He wants it to be in the morning at the latest. So we have a decision to make in the morning (unless God puts her in labor tonight.) That’s what I’m praying for. Labor tonight. We do not want to induce, but know we might need too.

So I beg for your prayers right now.