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Vacation Observations

Here are some general observations I made on vacation:

  • For some reason I don’t shower as much as I usually do when I’m at home. I guess since I spent so much time in the clorinated pool it seemed to suffice.
  • Sometimes I think getting a tattoo might be cool. But then I see a lot of bad examples of tattoos, and I rethink things.
  • Just because a restaurant has a lot of cars in the parking lot doesn’t mean it is good. We at at Hazel’s the first night. I’d rather eat rice cakes than go back there.
  • Even when you’re gone for a while, it seems there are things you don’t get done.
  • Movies seen on vacation seem to be more special.
  • I still don’t sleep late on vacation. But I didn’t want to anyhow.
  • Driving down the entire state with three kids isn’t that bad if you leave late enough for them to sleep most of the way. I was tempted to give them Benadryl, but it wasn’t needed.
  • Internet access on vacation seems wrong to some. It’s comfy to me.
  • You will go with out a lot of clothes in front of extended family at the beach and it’s not awkward. There is no way I’d walk into a Thanksiving dinner or Memorial Day cookout dressed only in nylon shorts and dripping wet and have normal conversations w/ my wife’s aunts. But on the beach? Straight from the pool? Who cares?
  • You can get burned quickly at the beach.
  • If you go to the pool about twice a day for five days, you’ll see some really interesting people there and think you know a lot about them.
  • Outdoor pools usually trump indoor pools.
  • Ground floor condos trump upper level condos. Sure, there’s not quite the view. But the access to everything makes such the difference.
  • I might could live in a beach town.

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  1. Jeremy

    i with you on pretty much all of these… i probably shower once every 2 days on vacation as opposed to everyday in normal life. But i couldn’t get my kids to sleep in the car no matter what I did.

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