The last two days have been busy with Vacation Bible School. The past two years we’ve had a theme of Market Place AD where there are different tents/booths/areas set up around our church’s back yard and parking lot. It was fun for the kids and hopefully meaningful.

This year we moved it to a place called Wrenwoode. It’s about 5 miles out of town out in the boonies. But it’s an old camp with a great layout, old buildings, and plenty of trees. Trees provide shade. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure that having everything out there was a great idea to begin with. But we’re off the hot concrete of the parking lot, baking for three hours each morning.

Tomorrow’s the last day. The Kid is officially too young to participate, but The Wife and I are both helping out, so she’s w/ us by default. She’s had a great time with it too.

But I was wondering today how much the kids really learn from it, and how much they just like the crafts, games, songs, and snacks. Hopefully if nothing else it’s building some sort of positive foundation that can be built upon over the years.