Like I was saying....

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’m still alive and kicking. I think it was all this blog-spam holding me down. Not really.

Like Jeremy said, I’ve had a lot going on. So I just ask for everyone’s prayers who happens do read this (does anyone visit here anymore?) Can’t go into specifics, but just ask that I can clearly hear what God’s saying to me and my family. Many thanks.

I think I’ve got that spam thing kicked. I downloaded the MT-Blacklist Plugin that should take care of most of it. I might have to update it now and then though.

What’s been going on in my life the last two weeks during my blog silence? My home town lost in the first round of the playoffs. That was surprising. I didn’t expect to win it all this year, but figured we’d get to the 2nd or 3rd round. MSU has continued their losing ways. If we get much worse, Steve Spurrier might not come to turn us around. On the flip side, UMiss has been winning big. Hopefully that will end this weekend when the LSU Tigers go to Oxford. I’m no big LSU fan, but I’m screaming GEAUX TIGERS this weekend, no doubt. And the fact that we might be getting the LSU OC as the next Bulldog head coach makes me a little more interested in the game as well. has been blowing the top out of things. Tons of traffic and posts. I remember when I was happy if I saw 10 posts in a days time. We’ve been averaging over 350 the past few days, even hit 550 one day. It’s surprising. But I think it will drop off a little once football is completed. But word of mouth has been our friend.

My fam is doing great. My daughter seems to be maturing more and more every day. Before long she’ll catch up with me! But she’s now sleeping in her twin bed instead of her baby bed (her “Big big big bed”, according to her). She has made the move quite easily. But now there’s an empty baby bed. Maybe we’ll fix that before long. No, there’s nothing in the proverbial oven. But maybe the cooks thinking about it.

My church…where do I start? Let’s just say the church as a whole needs prayer. What’s wrong? Well, let’s just say that a church is made up of people. Nuff said.

I’ve gotten a few “projects” brewing in my head right now too. Maybe I’ll go into more of those later.


  1. Steve

    Glad you're back dude. Geaux Tigers! I NEVER thought I'd hear (or read) you say that.

  2. jeremy

    welcome back kotter… good to see that the spam filter is working. GO MSU! Hey you guys hung with it for the first quarter over the weekend.

  3. g

    "Nuff said."

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