Addie was not feeling well most of the day (Wednesday). She woke up that way. No real symptom other than no appetite and wanting to lay on the couch or bed. She didn’t feel nauseated specifically, but didn’t want to eat for concern of throwing up.

We checked her temperature and she had a moderate fever. Nothing to be alarmed about, but obviously not her normal temperature.

She goes to bed with a dose of Children’s Tylonol. But I awake at 3 something with her in the bathroom whimpering. She says she needed to go to the bathroom and now feels like she can’t get to sleep. So I get up with her.

So now I’m sitting on the couch. She finally fell asleep. But is next to me with her head propped by a plastic garbage can. She did drink some water all at once, and she threw it up earlier. So we’ll see how the morning goes. I’m going to try to move her into her bedroom and let her finish the night morning in her bed.