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The Restaurant for the Sunday Nooma

If you don’t know what the Nooma series of videos are, then this won’t make any sense. If know about Nooma, but you’ve not seen the one entitled Sunday, then it might not make much sense. But in a nutshell, they’re videos to spur discussion and conversation about spiritual matters created by Rob Bell. They are worth checking out fo sho.

But anyway, a year and a half ago John, Stevie, and I went to Grand Rapids/Grandville Michigan to attend Isn’t She Beautiful at Mars Hill. We went looking for the nearby restaurant where the Sunday Nooma was filmed. We found it. And this below is very much like the opening shot of that very video! This is at the Rainbow Grill in Grandville, MI. Snow was all around!

When we asked the servers there at the restaurant which booth he’d actually sat in when doing the video shoot, not a one of them had a clue what in the world we were talking about.

Stevie, who was videoing, is getting married this weekend in Gulfport. I think I’m going.


  1. Mud Puppy

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve been out there a few times but never thought of tracking down that restaurant. I only live a couple hours from Grand Rapids.

    Looks like it’s high time I return. 🙂

  2. Blake

    Cool, MP. If you have been near Mars Hill then you were close to the Rainbow Grill. Here’s a map:

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