Like I was saying....

Man, it's been so long

I have to admit that I’ve looked at this screen more that a dozen times in the last week. Not sure why the entries have stalled right here. But when I look at the front page of my blog, the last time I actually wrote anything was over a week ago now. Sheesh…

It’s funny. You read some blogs, get excited about having one of your how. At first it’s your little pet, your new toy, your shiney new bike you get for Christmas that you want to ride up and down the street on in your pajamas on Christmas morning even though it’s 12 degrees outside so maybe your neighbors and friends will see you showing off on it…(or was that just me?)

But like the new toy that gets used less frequently after the shine isn’t so bright anymore, that’s what this blog might have become for me. But I don’t want it to. Seriously, at different times during the day, I’ll see, hear, experience things that I think would be a great blog entry. But it never makes it on the page. I dunno why.

But I want to be much better. I want to find my ‘voice’ and be true to it. I want to be real (but not tooooooo vulnerable), be a place for me to aire thoughts, share stories, and a joke or two as well.

We’ll see if I can get back on the horse.

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  1. giddy

    Probably a good day for riding horses.

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