Like I was saying....

And the static continues…

Still got water in my phone lines at home or something. So I have no internet access at all, and if I want to talk to anyone I have to scream at them through what sounds like an electronic popcorn festival. I guess I need Neo to jump in my phone line and fix if for me. I’m wanting to see that movie. I never really got it the first time. Still not watched the DVD. But it’s got cool special effects and stuff you gotta figure out. Anyway, BellSouth is supposed to have it fixed by tonight. We’ll see.

I’m thinking changing ISP’s too. I’ve been with Ebicomm for about six years now. But just recently I’ve not been able to access certain sites/servers located in Australia and New Zealand. I know, some think it’s not really that big of a deal. But that means that I can’t read Rachel or Darren’s blogs. I’m probably going to go with Dixie Net (even though they have a dash in their URL), but we’ll see. They have multi dialup numbers for my area and have a free help desk where you can talk (voice) to a real person that hopefully has a good attitude (I don’t always get that with Ebicomm). Again, we’ll see.

Hopefully I’ll get both of these situations rectified in the next little bit.


  1. Jay

    Neo… you need Neo to jump in the line. Anyway I alrerady bought my tickets for next Thursday's The Matrix Reloaded. Can't wait. One of my favorite movies.

  2. Blake

    Ack! I'm a dummy. I typed Nemo instead of Neo. I knew that. I really did.

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