Still no internet access at home because of water in the phone lines. You can talk on them if you want to yell through the static, but the computer can’t get a connection through it. But hopefully it will dry up since there’s not really been any rain since yesterday afternoon a little.

But yesterday (Wednesday) was another doozy. I went to the Middle School to be a test proctor. State requirement for there to be 2 adults in the classroom when the state standardized tests are administered. So I hand out some test booklets, maybe some pencils, then I read an ESPN Magazine for the next two hours as I sit in a chair against the dry erase board. I notice it begins to sprinkle outside about halfway through the test. But an article on Derrick Nix and his kidney troubles was more interesting.

Just a little bit after we’re finished, the principal come on the PA and said there was a tornado nearby and for everyone to get in the hall. So we’ve got kids with big literature and history books over their heads huddled in the hall. A few were actually a little worried about it, but most were thinking it was a big game. Me? I was just glad that I didn’t have to get down in the floor and hug my knees and but my forehead on the floor. But after 5 minutes everyone was just sitting up wondering when they could go back to class so they can drink their “after test Coke”. Turned out it was about 40 minutes later. It never got really bad around us. But about 15 or 20 minutes down the road they got hit pretty hard. Luckily [sorta] it was a rural area were there weren’t a lot of people.

But I think the storms are over now.