Like I was saying....

Back from camp

It was a great trip. Sunny. Hot. Sandy. Sea Weedy.

It was a great experience. God was there. Great worship. Great teaching. Great environment. Great kids.

Have some things to share about it, but the alarm will go off in about 5 or so hours. So I must lay in bed for a while so I can fall asleep.

Glad to be back. The entries will resume w/ much vigor. Lots of things in the old noggin..just have to get them out.


  1. g

    Get some sleep!

  2. Steve

    Hey dude! Glad you're back home and glad you had a great trip. I'm looking forward to reading the stuff that's in the old noggin.

  3. Blake

    Wow..did I really use the word "noggin"?

  4. jeremy

    at least you used the correct adjective of "old" before "noggin"

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