It’s 6:30 and I’m tired. I was up too late talking to some people from There was one person goofing around and flaming someone else. It was a joke, but not a good one. I was having to put out a few small fires. But then I got to talking to one member of the forums. He and I were discussing the board and it’s future and potential.

I’ve been waiting for Invision Power Board to release version 2.0 so I can get a new skin on the site and put some banner ads and all up. But now their saying their free stuff is really just a “Limited Trial”. But they never define the limits. But you get no support for your forums if you don’t pay for it. But it’s a dollar less than $200 to purchase a liscense. On the other hand, vBulletin is probably recognized as the King of Forums. It has been a “for pay” software for quite a while and has a longer track record that IPB. And it is only $160.

But do I need to pay at all? Can I get by on just the free version of IPB? If I ended up needing support and all, I’d have to pay. And if I were going to pay, I’d go ahead and get vB, right? IPB is younger, but caught up with vB, so say a lot of people. Some think they’ll pass and leave vB in the dust. Others think vB is and will remain king.

Either way, I think there’s a vast amount of untapped potential in my forums. The Wife agrees. She’s just ready for me to quit being a wall flower and get out there and dance!

But I’m really tired right now. I need to make sure I get good rest tomorrow because I’ll have a long drive ahead of me with a packed van of teenagers.

Pray for us as we go…