I get a call today at the office. It’s my wife. She tells me that she’s at Walgreens, but that she ran out of gas. So I’m wondering where the car is. Turns out, it is in front of Walgreens. In the left turn lane with the hazzard lights on and a line of cars behind it.

Now if you know much about Clinton, you know that Walgreens in on a corner. The corner of Hwy 80 and Springridge Road (or is it the Parkway?  same road, but it changes names a lot). And if you know much about Clinton, you know that this is the busiest intersection in all of Clinton. Honestly. So she asks, as she stands in a drug store w/ my 15 month old daugher, “What should I do?”

Yeah, she asks that question. But she isn’t really asking a question. She’s just telling me that she needs me to come help her out. So like the good husband I try to be most of the time, I tell her, “Wait right there, honey. I’m on my way.” Now really, where is she going to go?

So I go to Advance Auto Parts and get a funnel and a big blue gas can. Then get some gas at Shell. And then pull in to Walgreens and get a view of the situation. There it is. Our white, late 90’s Tahoe sitting there with it’s pretty hazzard lights flashing and a group of angry drivers behind it. So I begin the walk across the drugstore lawn and through traffic to begin to pour gas into the Tahoe. Silly people are honking at the thing. I mean, c’mon. It’s driverless. The emergency lights are blinking. But you think it’s going to all of a sudden take off? Or did you think the driver needed a nap and decided to do it mid morning at the most congested crossroads in the whole city? C’mon, silly people.

But I perform my husbandly duty of the day and all is well again after the engine finally turns over. And we did get a new blue gas can out of the whole experience!