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It's here! The Zen Vision:M

The Zen Vision:MIt came in the mail on Saturday. I charged then loaded the thing up using Windows Media Player 10. Played with it some. Then decided to unload it all and reload it with the software that came with it. To be honest, I’ve not had tons of time with it. But I think I’m liking it quite well. Seems to have a great screen, good controls, nice sound, and easy to manage.

If there is any one thing that I’m not so sure about yet is that there’s no ALL menu option when looking at an artist. I’d gotten used to it on the Zen Micro and know that the iPods have it too. It’s where when you look up a particular band or artist you get a list of their albums and also an option for ALL. So I can look at the David Crowder Band and either pick a particular CD, or select ALL and get everyone of the songs from each disc in one big list.

Not a big deal, and one I expect they’ll fix in a latter firmware release. But I’m about to crawl in bed and listen to me a sermon from Mark Batterson of National Community Church in D.C.

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  1. rick

    stickin’ with my iPod for now – and tagging you, pardner –

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