I walk outside this morning to a really wet and cold day. I’m going after the newspaper. I didn’t get one yesterday to read the previews of the big MSU vs. LSUx game. But after a nice win, I figure I’ll get a good story and read some quotes. As I wrestle with a little bundle of energy at the end of a thin green leash, I see that there’s no Sunday paper today either. No sports news. No coupons for The Wife. Dang!

But it was a good game yesterday anyway. Mississippi State, after losing on a last second shot to Kentucky last Thursday, invaded the Deaf Dome in Baton Rouge to jump out to a big lead (19 points), then let is slowly slip away, then end up winning by five. Tim Brando said we’re a Sweet Sixteen team at the minimum. I hope Tim’s right, but I’m not counting any chickens. But this team has potential. But they have to keep improving.

But we’re 3-1 in the SEC right now, 14-1 overall. The new rankings come out tomorrow night. How sweet would 15-0, 4-0 be right now? Man, don’t get me thinking about it. But the next best thing this season is that UMiss is terrible.