Like I was saying....


A 55-year-old man is suing a local church because it won’t give back a $126,000 donation he gave during a deep depression five years ago.

Moral of the story….don’t give away money when you’re in a depressive state.

A 22-year-old says he was ordered by voices from God to break into a lion cage at the zoo and taunt the lions. Needless to say, the lions pounced on him, knocked him to the ground and bit him repeatedly …

Moral of the story…. Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den, not sent in there to taunt the creatures.


  1. dan

    And the guy accused of murdering Ms Lindh says that Jesus told him to do it.

  2. dan

    Moral of the story… don't listen when your deity instructs you to commit crimes for which you might later be charged.

  3. lj

    God instructs man to taunt lions.
    God instructs lion to attack man.
    Everyone laughs.

  4. Blake

    That's funny, LJ.

    And you're right Dan…I doubt God is telling people to go and commit crimes like that. Just this morning I was talking to some friends. They had stories of people in actual full time ministry having affairs, and telling people that God was okay with their sexual unfaithfulness. They said that God was just using their first marriage "to prepare me for the one that really mattered". What a crock!

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