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Yard Sale Frenzy

My wife is having a yardsale today. Actually she’s out there right now, and it’s just past 6am. But lucky for me I’m leaving in an hour or so to go to Camp Lake Stephens for a retreat. But yesterday afternoon we put up some signs for this morning’s sale, then came back home to try to semi-organize some stuff, get it out on tables, hang up some clothes, etc. But people kept coming to the house because they saw the signs. I bet between 15-20 cars came by and half the stuff wasn’t out.

Anyway, this town has been yard sale crazy the past week or so it seems. Maybe the “market” is too saturated. But hopefully the sale will go well for her. I dont’ want to have to bring all that junk back in to the house. Maybe I’ll get an X-BOX with the profit!!!!

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  1. jeremy

    dude our whole block took out an ad in all the papers and made it a "Block Wide Garage Sale" and it was crazy to see like 15 houses in the same area having a garage sale.

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