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The Egg Bowl

Very nice game capsule of the Egg Bowl. I’ve not really said anything about it, but it was an awesome win. We really didn’t play very awesome until the last few minutes though.


The Day After…

Well, today is the day after Thanksgiving. We hit the ground running or the road rolling or whatever yesterday. But we made it to a big lunch and a big supper. It worked out well to where supper was just a few big pots of soup. That way we didn’t have TWO traditional Thanksgiving dinners w/in 8 hours.

It was good to see a lot of family. Everyone was excited that we’ll be back closer in the coming months. I am thinking I look forward to being able to see them some more too. Being close to family wasn’t a determining factor with the decision to move and shift into a new job/place. But I’m sure it will be a definite added benefit.

We stayed at my mom’s new house last night. First time we’ve done that. It slept pretty well, but shortly we’re going to head up to my dad’s for some lunch and to watch the Egg Bowl. I’m a little nervous about the game. Mississippi State should win. All indicators point to that. But you never know with this game…

The Bulldogs…

Well, I’ve been cautiously optimistic the last few years in the football preseason. But only to have my hopes dashed and crushed. Since the year 2000 we’ve not won more than 3 games in a year. And that stinks.

But things may be changing. Have we turned the corner? No. But we’re turning the steering wheel in that direction. With two games to go we’re 6-4. So we could quite possibly be 8-4 at years end. That would mean Cotton Bowl. More likely we’re going to be 7-5. That would mean one of a few different bowls (Music, Independence, Liberty, Chick-Fil-A), but a bowl none the less.

I’d just about cry if we ended up 6-6. That would mean terrible things in the Egg Bowl (on Senior Day) and maybe no bowl at all. But dog gone it if just about 2/3 of the team is returning next year!! How cool is that?

And we’re back….

So…tonight is the last Junior High Dance. How fitting that the last time I posted it was about the dances. But tonight is the last one. Will I miss them, not really. Now don’t get me wrong, I will miss the gathering of the students and being able to hang around w/ them and all. But I won’t miss the constant bass thump with TI and Kanye and Fitty and all the rest filling the gym.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for MSU football. Biggest game at Scott Field since 2000 when we hosted Alabama. I could have gone to that game but watched it home alone in my one bedroom apartment yelling at the tv and celebrating (not sure where The Wife was.) But Rick Cleveland puts it all in perspective. But to beat them would be huge. MSU hasn’t turned the corner, but they’re starting to turn the wheel. We’d be bowl eligible with two more games to go.

Addie’s last soccer game of the season is in the morning. So we’ll go play soccer then I’ll be on the couch for the next few hours. Should make for a great Saturday.

The weather has turned. And things are changing. Tonight Clinton plays to see who gets to travel to South Panola next week to be the Tiger’s next victim. They have won 70 game straight so far. Amazing. But football will soon be over. Then the holidays and school breaks.

It’s time to get back on the horse and write and write and write…

Not tired…

It’s nearly 1am and I’m not tired. But I should be. And I will be.

Tonight was another Jr High Dance up at the church. Seems the all the jr high kids want to “crank that soulja boy” over and over. They can do it with attitude too. But after a dance, with the take down and clean up, I come home and catch up on some football scores.

Tomorrow will start early. Addison’s got 2 soccer games, with the first one at 8am. Should be cool and wet at that time, huh? We may head up to Starkville after lunch to watch some Bulldog football. Should be an easy win for us, right? I mean, Gardner-Webb. But the Dogs should be 3-1 after tomorrow. When is the last time we could say that?

So if we go, that means not much sleep tonight. Not much tomorrow night. Then a full day w/ the church stuff. I’ll catch up on Monday!

The weekend that was…

It was a win all around… My local high school team won. My U8 soccer team won. And my college team won. Could it get any better?

Mississippi State actually won a road game AT Auburn. And after playing a college this coming weekend that started out as a HIGH SCHOOL way back when…we should be 3-1. Now that’s a crazy thought. But we’ll get smacked around pretty good with the road trips after that. So no worries. I’m counting the chicken on the 22nd, but none after that. I guess we’ll know we can at least be 3-9 this season, huh?

The Clinton Arrows are better than people gave them credit for. No doubt.

I wouldn’t have thought it, but girls U-8 Soccer can actually be exciting. Our 8am game got started late because the ref was on the wrong field. And then we got out to a slow start. 0-2 deficit. But then we kicked it in and  won 7-3. How’s that for a comeback? Addie is for sure one of the younger girls on the team. But she tries hard and gets a good lick on the ball sometimes too. She’s getting better I believe.

I preached Sunday morning at The Connection (the 3rd worship service at church which is “contemporary”). It went really, really well I thought. Preached on turning to God in times of trouble. Had some pretty personal stories in there. Used the video from 99 Balloons. And extra effort went into choosing songs that related directly w/ the message. A good morning indeed…

Somewhere in Middle America!

So after all is said and done. After all the heat and sweat. After the long balls and double plays… After two days of baseball that set records and rejuvenated a fanbase that had been grumbling for years now.

Mississippi State is headed back to Omaha! Yes, this team that was said to have no pitchers and started many freshmen through out the season. This team who was picked last in the SEC…not just the SEC West, but #12 out of 12. This team that battled injuries caused both on and of the field is the first team to have it’s ticket punched for the CWS.

They held off the Clemson Tigers again today. Mitch Moreland had a fantastic weekend as hear earned MVP. He used to come to my former youth group. Was a good kid then. Now he’s a great young man. But it wasn’t just Mitch. It was the whole team.

So now that leaves us with some questions:

  • Who will leave and who will come back? Moreland & Easley were both drafted. Easley is gone I expect. Moreland might want to return (he was drafted in the 17th). Jeffrey Rea returned and now he’s getting to go to Omaha. But depending on what happens the next couple of weeks. What will Moreland have to accomplish?
  • What will the lineup be? It seems that Polk has used a different lineup almost every game the last three weeks. But whatever he’s been doing, it’s seemed to have paid off lately.
  • Will the hitting continue? We had some great bats early on in the season. They tailed off, but they returned when we went to Tallahassee.
  • Pitching depth…will it emerge? We pitched 4 guys in each of the last two games. We’ll have to go much deeper to advance in the CWS.
  • What will Polk do? Lots of people were grumbling and really dissatisfied w/ him during the season. Some called for his job. But he’s managed a team to the point where they’re right where everyone in college baseball wants to be. Is this his last hurrah? Is this just another year as he keeps on coaching?

MSU Baseball is fun…no doubt about it. Oh, and that record that was set yesterday for Super Regional Attendance

One win to Omaha! Bulldogs vs. Tigers

Mississippi State Baseball has been an odd bird lately. Last year they started out undefeated deep into the season. Climbed all the way to #1 in the nation. Then dove. Like they ran out of gas and the propeller broke and they got filled with lead. They took a nose dive that kept them from even making the SEC Baseball Tournament.

Then they started the 2007 season without many people giving them much credit. Although there were expectations within their own clubhouse, the media picked them to finish LAST in the SEC West. But after a decent non-conference schedule/record the Bulldogs had climbed into the polls and had some good weekend showings against SEC competition. But even with finishing 2nd in the SEC West…it seemed that things were just not clicking. The last few weekend and the two-and-done showing in the SEC Tourney left a lot to question.

Everyone knew they wouldn’t host a regional. Would they even win a game in one? Ouch…they get to go to Florida State. A team with the best home field record in the country. Most figured State would beat Stetson and get beat by FSU. Thankfully none of the players thought so. State went 3-0 winning the regional. And some luck happened when the Dogs were able to host the Super Regional instead of having to travel to Clemson.

Again, most people outside of Mississippi thought that Clemson would have a victory first game w/ one of the top pitchers in the nation (he was just drafted #4 in the first round of the MLB Draft). But after some shaky first innings and a cramping pitcher, Miss State put it together and brought the Clemson Tigers to their knees with a 8-6 win.

Nothing is a given. There is still at least one and maybe two games to be played. But this group of Bulldogs has followed their own dreams despite what a lot of people outside of their dugout thought about their chances. Their ONE GAME AWAY from making it to the Mecca of college baseball….Omaha.

I wonder if Tony and Perry are keeping up?

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Dogs and Cats

Tonight Mississippi State’s basketball team will take on the Wildcats of Kentucky. Most would chalk that up as a loss. And while most times it probably would be, for some reason I think we have a shot at it. Our guys are super athletic and can really stroke the ball when the energy is right. But their Achilles is the free throw shooting. If it comes down to FT shots…we need to have one of our two freshmen on the line.

But I remember in 1995 (holy cow, 12 years ago) watching freshman Marcus Bullard knock down FT’s to seal a win in Rupp Arena. It was on Valentine’s Day….we called it the Valentine’s Day Massacre.

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