Man, I’m so juiced!

Less than a month to go. And we’ll be heading out to Copper Mountain, CO for some incredible times on the slopes. I’ll go back to skiing again since my last expereince on the ole SnowBoard didn’t work out as well as skis. If I went more than 3 days every 2 years, I’d probably give boarding more time. But I want to rip it up with all the time I’ve got!

We’ll be taking about 40 people up there and have some great times of worship, teaching, and community building as well. Started out as a YOUTH trip, but looks like we’ll have quite a few of our college students going as well. I’m looking to take the laptop with me and hopefully get some internet coverage while there somewhere. If not in the condo, then with some WiFi at a restaurant or lounge. That way I can have pics and updates straight from the point of interest!

Last time I tried to write by hand, then type it in later…didn’t happen