Last week I had a busy morning. I was supposed to be going out of town before lunch. But before that I had a meeting at church. And before that I had to get my 2 daughters to the child care room where my wife works. But before that I had to get them fed, cleaned up, dressed, and ready. I had to do all that for myself…and pack!

So it was a hectic morning. Lots of rushing around and all. And my 4 year old, trying to be as helpful as possible, was being a big Mother Hen for my 14 month old. She was trying to help with shoes or her jacket, or tie her shoe laces. A number of things that showed she was being a loving big sister. But little sister wasn’t feeling the love. At all.

She’d respond with a pretty sharp “Aaaaahhhhnnghhh!” over and over. I kept telling Addie, “Sweetie, just leave her alone. She doesn’t want you to do that.” A few seconds later…., “Aaaaahhhhnnghhh!!!” “Honey, just leave her shoe there, I’ll get it in a minute. Just back away from the baby…please.” All this while I’m trying to decide which clothes looked the cleanest to take with me.

Finally, I’d had one Aaaaahhhhnnghhh to many. And I lost my patience and yelled at Addie. I told her that I’d asked her, I’d told her, and instructed her to leave her sister alone. So just sit still and don’t move until I said it was time to get in the car! There. That felt better didn’t it? But no it didn’t. And as I walked back inside form putting some thing in the car, there she sat in the garage on a paint can. Head dipped. Shoulders slumpped. So I picked her up. Took her inside and stood her on my bed so we could see eye to eye.

“Honey, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled. I was wrong to have yelled at here. Will you forgive me?” She told me yes and was not really in a bad mood from all the drama. Everyone was now fed, dressed, and ready to go. So as we drive down the road, I hear her say, “Daddy.” Yeah? “Don’t you think you need to ask God, too? ” Ask him what? “You know. Ask God to forgive you too since you yelled at me?”

Holy cow! Here this 4 year old is calling me out on my need to ask God for forgiveness. Who does she think she is? Heh heh. She was right. Yes, you’re right. I should. And I will. Thanks for reminding me. I was proud of her. Makes me think we’ve taught her a few things that are good. Plus it humbled me. But then she says, “Well?” Well what? “Well, aren’t you going to ask Him?” She was ready for some praying action right then and there!