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One of the things our pastor wanted the staff to do was submit to him goals for 2006. That way next October or November he can sit down with us to either pat us on the back or wag his finger at us. Not really, but he wanted some measurable things to look at and aim for.

It’s sort of humbling. You know if you give your pastor, your boss, a list of goals, then you’d better try to stick to them. It’s not like making a list and putting it in a journal or blog or whatever. But he’ll keep you accountable. I don’t have the list w/ me on this computer, but maybe I’ll post it for you soon. But I’m looking forward to hopefully keeping the goals. They’re both ministry related and personaly related. And a lot seem to overlap. I think that’s the nature of youth ministry, or any ministry really. A whold lot of things you do are related to both ministry and personal lives.

Has anyone else had to do this?

But here’s to the Goals of 06!


  1. Len

    I didn’t mind making and reporting on my goals while working for a church. I did mind when they were accomplished and the year end review was still bad because they weren’t the goals they wanted. I’d say the key is mutual buy-in that they are the right goals and agreement on how to accomplish them (philosophy of ministry).

  2. Blake

    Hopefully some of that will come from a regular meeting and praying w/ the senior pastor…which is one of my goals!

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