Like I was saying....

Could you do this?

I remember one time in high school walking across the top, high arching supports of a rail road bridge. It was a complete rush. And made me shake a little. This right here would be nuts!

Could you even imagine doing this?

(ht to Brody)


  1. Rick

    No worries. I liked how there were people there along the way, moving aside for the cameraman coming through. And I wonder about the pieces editted out. Did one guy plummet to his death, so someone else had to take the cam?

  2. mom

    I hope you got that out of your system! (And soooo glad I didn’t know at the time.)

  3. tapdraw

    The heights wouldn’t bother me but I couldn’t handle that trippy music following me around everywhere.

    Do you think there’s a lost hiker for every hole in the concrete? That’s not in Oxford is it?

  4. Blake

    @mom: Never said it was out of my system…

    @rick & tap: I think I’d to do it. But I can’t find it around Oxford. The dude had no fear, that’s for sure.

  5. g

    I will probably have nightmares about that, like the recurring ones I once had about stairs falling away while I was on them. I became dizzy just watching the video and turned it off about halfway thru.

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