I was trying to update my blog and a few others to WP 2.5.1 this morning. But one of them wasn’t working correctly. Still exactly not sure what the problem with it is, but I’ve got the techies working on it  now.

But in doing so, I was cleaning up some things as well. And I ended up deleting my stats program. Like sent it to the far reaches of the internet to where I’m not sure it can be recovered. Ouch.

Sometimes I get excited about the things I can learn and do online. I am soooooooooo far behind a lot of people I know when it comes to what they can do with technology. But then again, I know plenty of people who still don’t even realize what a blog is (much less twitter) or have an email address.

Technology can be a beautiful thing. Just gotta make sure you’re using it for redeemed purposes!