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Eight Kids At One Time??

So maybe I just found my new favorite television show. I was at my dads flipping through all his cable channels and stopped at TLC. The show Jon and Kate Plus 8 came on. And I was amazed!

It’s about the Gosselins that had a few fertility issues so they tried some fertility treatments; they worked! They had twin girls first, but then when they were about 3 or 4 they got pregnant again. They were excited. But turns out there was more than one (or two) in there this time. There were SIX! Holy smokes, six babies at once! And add that to twin 3 year olds!

I try to imagine that sonogram where the doctor is trying to locate all six of them in there to identify their sex. Tomorrow The Wife and I go for another sonogram for Baby #3. We’ll just be looking at one baby in there. No way can I imagine SIX.

On the show, the twins are now seven years old and the sextuplets are three. It looks so awesome and then so chaotic. As a parent I find it really, really interesting to watch. How do you feed 8 kids cereal in a timely and organized manner? How do you get them ready for a trip to WalMart or church?

It’s pretty much worth cable to watch this show (maybe). TLC has some pretty interesting programs. And while I’d watch Jon and Kate Plus 8, it’d never replace LOST or Friday Night Lights. The husband (Jon) is a little too lazy/impatient w/ the kids, and the wife (Kate) is a little to impatient w/ her husband, but they all get along pretty well. So check it out if you get a chance.

Also, interesting that they had notecards with Bible verses up everywhere in their kitchen…


  1. Jenny

    You know, I love that show. My mom and I just sit there a watch it for hours(when there are a few shows in a row) It’s so crazy how interesting it is, and how stinkin’ adorable their kids are! Dang. You know, I am glad you said that you saw bible verses on their fridge cause I was wondering if they were christians. That family gets a lot from this tv show. So much free stuff and accomodations. Haha, good post friend.

  2. g


  3. Blake

    Jenny, I couldn’t make out exactly what the verses were, but I saw Philippians and Colossians. If any DVD’s come out of the show, I might try to get one for The Wife.

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