Like I was saying....


The Kid got plenty for Christmas. I could spend a few paragraphs here listing stuff that relatives got her. The Wife and I really didn’t get her much. We knew she’d get more than enough from everyone else. There were the toys that look so nice when you first pull them out of the box, but don’t really get a lot of “re-play” out of.

The little plastic castle with Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle that they can sit on and it will play music and spin around. After a few days, that’s all played out. Then there’s the barn/ranch house with the girl and her best friend (who happens to be a horse that can talk) live and they will talk to each other if you stand them in the right place. But there’s the many, many books that she loves to read. There’s a baby or two. Her new kitchen with she spends a lot of time cooking me something in the oven, bringing it too me, then telling me to be careful I don’t burn my hands on the hot cake.

But she’s invested some time in another game she got. We tried to play it a time or two, but the “taking turns” hasn’t fully clicked in her mind yet. But she loves to play with her cards from her MEMORY game. You know the game. All those different cards with the pictures on them and you have to find a match.

She wanted to play Sunday night after I got home from church. The Big Game was on, but I figured I’d play a little where her and The Wife. Well, all I can say is that I want to blame it on the Big Game. I was watching LSU beat Oklahoma. That’s why my two year old daughter completely schooled me in a game of Memory. It would be my turn, I’d turn over a monkey or a train or something, and I’d know I’d seen one earlier, and that it was on one side of the arrangement of cards. And as I’d be looking, she’d show me where it was. Nearly ever time. I’m nearly thirty. She only two. She’s smarter than me. I like football more than she does.

That’s my excuse.


  1. jeremy

    my daughter is definitely smarter than me, but we're not sure who's a bigger football fan. Every saturday when i wake up she asks me "can we watch football now?" and usually i get the "is there any football on?" two or three times during the week. We'll see how she likes basketball soon enough.

    p.s. – she really likes tennis too.

  2. giddy

    That is great! Romped by a two year old.

  3. Steve

    This may not compare, but my seven year old could tell me which teams were playing on Monday Night Football about 4 or 5 days in advance. He too used to stomp my tail in "Memory". You know, there's something to be said for that. Maybe this is the time to drill scripture into them so that when they are older they'll at least know it and have it hidden in their hearts. By the way…maybe Seth (my 7 yr. old) should have been in the Fantasy League instead of me. He'd probably have done better than I did. GEAUX TIGERS!

  4. Curt

    My wife used to teach handicapped kids in an elementary school. One time I visited her class and read them a couple of stories to show them that it was cool for boys to enjoy reading. Afterward, I played a game of Connect Four with one of her second-graders. I lost, and I wasn't even being distracted by football.

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