Like I was saying....

What would you do?

I have a ski trip planned to Colorado in March. 40 of us going. Mostly students from our church. They’ve paid a few hundred dollars for this trip. We’re taking a charter bus there. We think we got a pretty good deal on the bus ride too.

But then I get a phone call today from them. They didn’t sound good at first. I say, “How are you doing?” They tell me, “Not so good…There’s a problem with your trip.” “Oh really?” I say. Then she proceeds to tell me that due to the economy they are having to downsize and there will be no bus available for my trip.

Surprisingly I’m pretty calm here. “Wow,” I say waiting for what she’ll say next. She ends up telling me that the two options we have are for her to refund my the money we’ve paid in so far, or that she’s gotten another bus company who can carry us BUT….BUT they were not able to comp the price so it will be $1005 more than the price on my contract. Wow!

I don’t say anything again and then she asks if there’s one or the other I’d like to do or if I needed to talk to someone first about it. Uh, yeah! I’ve taken my contract to someone in my church who’s a lawyer (who’s going on the trip to, ironicly) to check it out. But I think they’d be responsible for getting me up there at the price we’ve contracted. How frustrating!

In no way do I want to sue for this stuff, but I have a bunch of people expecting to go to Colorado for a price that’s originally been quoted (and contracted).

What would you do?


  1. steve

    about what?

  2. g

    Gosh! Maybe it's an omen and the trip should be cancelled???

  3. lj

    man, I would not be as calm as you. I would let my wife talk to them too. lol. I give her the phone when telemarketers call.

    At the very least, this company is not committing good business practices. After all, it's not your fault they downsized and who isn't pinched because of the economy? They should honor their comittment to you at the price agreed. I don't think you will have a problem getting them to do that.

    There's no way I'd pay the extra thousand and I would report them to the BBB if they back out of the agreement. "Turn the other cheek" doesn't mean you can rip off God's people.

  4. Blake

    The contract and everything is at my lawyer's office right now. They're supposed to get back to me tomorrow about it. But they say it seems that it is a breech of contract.

  5. Sally's friend


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