Like I was saying....

The, um, Saturday Five

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. …today?

2. …over the next week?
…getting rid of this stuffy head. I’m not sick, but not well either.
3. …this year?
* Spend more time w/ my Lord and Savior
* Go on more dates w/ my wife.
* Play more games w/ my daughter
* Play for and win the National Championship on NCAA Football 2004 (XBox) w/o ever restarting a game because I’m about to lose.
* Be very intentional about learning web design.
* Reapportion my body weight around my body to other places.
* Rip Copper Mountain apart in March.
* Expand MST to something more than a message board. (don’t know if that should be here or in the next one.
* Run regularly.

4. …over the next five years?
* Be near completion of some sort of grad degree.
* Get rid of my 88 Honda Accord.
* Go on a kick-butt vacation.
* Learn to snowboard.

5. …for the rest of your life?
* Develop consistant spiritual disciplines.
* Become wise.
* Be a man my wife is honored to share her live with.
* Be a man my kids are proud of.
* Be illuminated by Christ.
* Do some long term missions.
* Never get tired of video games.
* Read a whole, whole lot.
* Go camping.
* Have a ‘home office’.

1 Comment

  1. giddy

    Hmmmmm. I am looking forward to spring but can't think of anything else I have to look forward to right now. Yes, spring!

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