The Mississippi State Fair is apparently a big thing. It came to Jackson last Wednesday I believe. Everyone here in Clinton was asking “are you going to the fair?” over and over. And when I told them I’d never been before you’d think I was telling them I’m just now thinking of getting indoor plumbing.

So last night I went. Got started late because of a fight at church. Long story. Sad story, actually. Pray for J and J. Nuff said for now, but maybe more later.

But me and fairs have a love/hate relationship. I think I like them a lot, but they hate me. Or more directly they hate the food in my stomach. Pulling up to the fair I remembered that I’d not eaten supper. That was most def a good thing. But in the front gates they were giving away free Lily White Biscuits. FREE man! How can you turn that down. And with almost the whole thing eaten Bev said,”Are we going to see that later tonight?” Holy Cow! I forgot. So I throw the crumbs away and realize it’s going to be an interesting night.

After a few rides I’m actually feeling weaker of stomach than usual. Drat! So I realize it’s going to happen, so I figgure go ahead and have fun on a few rides while I can. After the one that plays rap music and tribal music really loud with the lightning like stobe lights, I knew it was coming soon. So we wait in line for a Sling-You-Upside-Around-And-Around-Ride and after it was over, Bev looked at me and said, “That wasn’t so bad was it?” I just give a nod and say “yep”.

So I brush past folks and mad dash it to a garbage can. Held it in before i got to it. But let’s just say that Lily White going down is a lot whiter than Lily White coming up…and out of my nose even. So after Cory tries to take a picture of the spew, I clean up and buy a coke. The Large Coke that could satisfy a herd of sheep. I figure I’ll let the acid from the Coke clean the you know what off my teeth.

I wait while Bev, Alex, and Cory ride a ride, then I think I’m ready for another. It wasn’t TOO sick. But the night is almost over. So lets ride the Ferris Wheel before we head out. My body is still feeling a little “swimmy” but I figured the breeze and view of the Ferris Wheel would be good for me. But at mid point, something happened. Something flipflopped in my stomach. Mouth started wattering. And I barely made it past folks to spew my Coke out behind an 18 Wheeler.

So all in all it was a good night. Made it home, watched LOST, and refilled my stomach w/ Cap’n Crunch.