Like I was saying....

Where has the time gone?

I’m at home. The only one awake. Wife is at some certification class learning muscles and arteries and stuff. My oldest daughter is taking a nap w/ my grandmonther in the guest bedroom. My mom is on the couch asleep. And my baby is in her bed napping too. No clue what the two dogs are doing outside.

I’m tired, but not sleepy. Or the other way around. But not both. I think I’m going to go read some more in Black. Tonight is game night at the Goolsby’s. It’s been dubbed “Fondu A GoGo” what ever the heck that means. John thought giving it a cool name would make it more fun. But I guess we’ll play some classic board/card games. And of course I’ll try to introduce Dance Dance Revolution to everyone. I must be honest. Last Friday night was the first time I’d ever played. But it was quite fun.

Things have been busy at work. Adding a new full time Associate Youth Minister has made me keep on my toes a little more. That’s a good thing though. Small groups on Wednesday nights are booming too.

The girls are doing awesome. Addie likes soccer (doesn’t love it, but you know) and Ella loves life.


  1. jeremy

    dude, i read Thr3e by Dekker.

    I thought the writing was really poor.

    I hope you like black more than i liked thr3e.

  2. Blake

    I read Thr3e too. It was okay. Not poor, but not great. I think Black is a little better. But if you read his reviews, you’d think he was the new John Grisham.

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