But I forgot my camera! How stupid was that?

But I hope to take a MiniDV camera next time and maybe even get some footage! But even though she has 5 girls on her team, they all divided up differently and ended up play Three To A Side. So she and 2 other girls from her team played 3 girls (one of which is on her “team”). It was funny. Like I said earlier, she’s a bit undersized and younger compared to the other girls. But she’s got a go get ’em spirit. She hustles a lot. Always running after who ever actually has the soccer ball.

One of the girls she was playing against was actually 5, too. She was mistakenly in this league. So she was dominating. Addie’s two teammates were night and day. One stood there and cried (coach’s daughter). The other girl gave 100% when she was on the field. Was pretty good too. She got up at 6 a.m. to get ready for the game. But when she got tired, she went to get water whenever. So there was a time or two when Addie was playing 1 on 3. But it was all funny.

She enjoyed it. Wants to keep playing. Let’s see if she keeps it up.