Like I was saying....


Yes, we have a new athlete in the family. Addie went to soccer practice last night and loved it. I was curious as to how it would go. She woke up from her nap in a groggy mood. And after getting geared up said the shin blades (what she calls shin guards) hurt her. I don’t think they hurt, but they were just different feeling, therefore uncomfortable. But she got her pig tails braided and new soccer ball ready and we headed off to practice.

She’s on a U5 team. So she’s pretty much the youngest and littlest one there. But she still tries. I think these other girls have older sisters/brothers who play too, so they’ve been watching and playing with them. So Addie is at a disadvantage there. Funny when I start feeling defensive for her already. But I’m worried that she’ll be behind the other girls.

But she loved it. She has 4 other girls on her team. They’ll play 5 on 5 w/ no subs. I guess that’s to give them lots of playing time and touches on the ball. She still needs some soccer cleats. But she’s giving it her all. She got tied up w/ another girl once and fell and bumped her nose on the ball pretty good. She started crying. I thought this would be either a minor deal or the end of the world. She came over and cried for about 10 seconds and then was ready to go back out there.

So hopefully she enjoys it, has half a clue what’s going on, and gets to meet some friends.


  1. jeremy

    that’s awesome… Looks fun… enjoy it.

  2. rick

    she’s going to kick your butt. you know this. we’re praying for you.

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