I’m a day late, but here’s this weeks Friday’s Feast

Name something you’ve done that made you feel guilty.

When I realize after the fact that I’ve hurt someone’s feelings really bad.

If you could get rid of one piece of furniture in your house, what would it be, and what would you put in its place?

This old couch in my den/office. It’s ugly. But it came with the house. I’d replace it with a leather love seat.

Imagine you’ve won a contest to be a featured guest on any television sitcom or drama show. On which one would you want to be a guest star?

Probably ER. Not sure why, but it seems that it’d be a show where I feel would be a little more prestige, plus I like it. And even Dr. Carter’s role was supposed to be for one or two shows, but he stayed on and now he’s top dog in the ER.

Main Course
Create a cereal. Tell us what you’d name it and what ingredients would be included.

I’m not good at that sort of stuff. Maybe SEC Charms. I’d rip off Lucky Charms and make little marshmellow mascots from all the SEC schools in there.

Describe the most memorable night of your life so far.

Ha ha….you wish.