Remember me telling you about the trip to the repoed house the other day? The only reason for the trip was to get a desk. I had had a small pine looking desk that was really crammed to fit my monitor, keyboard, printer and mouse pad. But it was all we had. But this new one looked to have lots more room…or so I was told. But it was an L shaped desk that would fit in the corner of my den.

I was told that it would probably come apart in 2 or maybe 3 sections and easily come apart and easily go back together…. One word…Whatever!!

It came apart in about 20 pieces. Could have been in about 3 times as many. And it was a wonderment if I would be able to remember what piece went where. But we got it all back together on Friday in the den. The Wife cleaned most of the room out and took everything out of my old desk drawers/cabinets. I am a pack rat of sorts so I have tons of little stuff that can not be thrown away. I’ll still have to go through all that soon. She’s probably thrown out some of it already. We’ll deal w/ that later.

But the new desk is bigger, much more shelf space. But not as much drawer space. And my others were packed. I mean packed. My dad came by yesterday and we moved the old couch that came with the house out into the carport. It’s a decen couch. Solid frame and all. But ugly. Anyone want a couch?