Like I was saying....

Get up and do it!

I’ve been lagging on a lot of things. General and specific things. But life things. I began to listen to Erwin McManus‘s last series from his church on his podcast. It is called Chasing Daylight, but is a re-release of a previous book of his I read entitled Seizing Your Divine Moment. Lots of truth in that book I need to digest.

But a couple of days ago Tony Morgan had this post where he was talking about DRIVE THE CAR. He likened our lives to a car and someone who loves his car and tinkers with it and puts time into trying to get it just right, but never taking it out of the garage. Never getting it on the open road. Sometimes I think that’s me.

So now that I’ve been slapped around in the face with it a little lately…what am I going to do with it?


  1. Ben Gray

    That’s something I struggle with too. You’re not alone!

  2. Blake

    I think I’m one of the best at over-analyzing something before I jump into it. I’ll buy the books and read the webpages…but sometimes fail to launch.

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