Like I was saying....

Take that and rewind it back…

Not sure why that is the title of this entry, other than that song is in my head right now.

Right now is one of those times where maybe I should be sleeping. I actually dozed off while reading natural birthing books. Turned the light off and everything. But couldn’t get to sleep. Hop up and mean to spend a few min online.

There were things I just had to check, of course. Read email, check the slogan contest I opened up on my forums, see who’s online. I find out that the Hattiesburg American newspaper did a story on my forums. Last week a member of the forums, who is a high school football player, typed something he didn’t think through first. He said he hoped someone at a rival school got shot to see how tough his team was. It drew some flack. I suspended him for a few days, his Athletic Director and I talked about it some, he came back and said he was sorry.

But the article made the paper. It could be taken either a positive or negative piece of pub for the site. We’ll see. Some folks say any publicity is good publicity.

Went to the funeral home tonight. A guy who used to go to our church committed suicide early Monday morning. His stepdaughter is in the youth group. She wasn’t close to him lately, but he’d been the only daddy she’d really known. Rough situation with the guy. He was a great guy when not on the drugs. But they had their hooks in him and he couldn’t get loose. Left two little boys too. Second and sixth grade. Sad.

Started a study of James w/ the Jr High tonight. It went okay. Started The Case For Christ with the Sr. High Guys. I think it will be good. Might be too light, actually. It’s the student edition. We’ll see about that one too.

Time for the 2nd round of bed. I’ll go snuggle w/ my pregnant wife. Snuggling is much harder these days with her big belly. It’s cool though. The baby moves around tons at night. I think we’re about 9 weeks away. A new baby is going to rock our world.

I’ll talk more about it later. G’night.

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  1. rick

    hope you got to sleep. life's more fun when it's full, huh? on the "snuggling with a big belly front" – my wife would sleep on her side with her belly in my back, giving both children their opps to kick me all night. used to it when they crawl into bed with us now 🙂

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