Like I was saying....

Happy New Year!

Well, the sickness is still hanging on to The Kid…but I think she’s about to shake it. She got pretty bad for a bit. And The Wife and I actually left town while she was her sickest. We went on a trip to Branson with the youth group. While we were gone my mom had to go get her some antibiotics and all.

While we were gone, The Wife also got sick herself. Chills, snot, acid reflux, stomache issues, the whole nine yards. But she’s all good now too.

So the holidays are nearly beyond us. Only one more day. And then things will be back to normal, huh? I’m going to do a retro Friday Five I think later today. But I’ve got some catching up to do on other blogging issues as well too. So look forward to that.


  1. g

    Glad things are looking up for you and yours! (Think well, think well, think well, …) Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Rachel C

    Happy New Year Blake from New Zealand 🙂

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