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A year ago my mom had no idea how to send an email or view a web page. But as of the past 2 weeks, she calls my house at least once a day with a question about the internet. I hooked her up with a dial up account on Juno and she’s been going to town with it. Emailing friends in other time zones, looking up weather and newspapers, probably getting syndrome where your hands lock up from overuse.

This week has been a kicker. It started off with a concert in Starkville. It was great. GlassByrd, Caedmon’s Call and Jars of Clay. Told everyone we’d be home around 10:30…got home at midnight. Part of the problem was that I ran over the curb at Abner’s and popped a back left tire on the bus. Couldn’t change the big thing but there were 3 other tires on the back left, so we just drove home slow with it. But the concert was awesome. Pretty laid back, low key.

Turns out the tires on the bus (go round and round…wait, nevermind) were all way underinflated. Only had 40 lbs. of pressure in them when they needed 80. That’s what popped the tire. Not my stupid driving. Whew!

Now the Railroad Festival has taken off. It’s not so bad. It used to be my #2 holiday when I was a kid. Then it turned into a reason to get out of town. But now that our church has a food booth each year, it’s a semi-hassle. Today is my day to be in charge of the cooking. Woo Hoo! It really isn’t so bad. I like hanging out with the other workers, adults and kids alike. But it can be a drain of energy. Especially since I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I’ll be a zombie tonight and worthless tomorrow. Ah, the joys of the festival.



  1. giddy

    I'll bet your mom only calls every two or three days with an internet question. It just seems as though it is more often because she is your mom. She probably smiles when visiting your website;Moms are like that, you know.

  2. yafreax

    i remember not so long ago when one of my friends that will remain un-named would IM me at least once a day with a question about webdesign or other various internet stuff… but now he has moved past the potty training and is all grown up and doing it all on his own. Or, well, at least without MY help.

  3. Rachel C

    Next she'll be blogging 😉

  4. Elizabeth

    I know, my 70 year old dad is an Internet machine now! And a e-mail forwarder to boot!

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