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Out of the mouths of babes…

I got a letter today from the child I sponser through Compassion International. She is a ten year old girl living in Kenya. My wife and I have been sponsering her for about 2 years now. She writes me now and then and I’m usually impressed with her maturity. She tells me of her family and how they’re doing. Told me about the animals they own and that they just had a new batch of chickens. Said that she’d even give me one when I came to visit. Man, would it be nice to visit!

Even thought it is early April, the letter I received from her was written in December. She said that it was a good holiday season so far, except for some of the bombings. There was a local hotel that was bombed and ended up burning to the ground. Then what she said really rocked me. She said that she hoped that God would touch the guy who master-minded the bombing like….[now at that point in the sentence, I had no idea what she was going to say, but I was thinking it was going to be about vengence of some sort. I mean, heck, someone just bombed the mess out of a hotel and caused death and destruction, you know. And this is a 10 year old]…like He touched Saul. What did she say? I was floored!

This ten year old girl from the other side of the world has a greater understand of God’s grace and mercy than most people I know. Wow…just wow. If you don’t know how (and why) God touched Saul, it’s found in the book of Acts. Saul was well known for his persecution and even death sentences he threw at the early Christians. But Jesus did a number on Saul, and his name was changed to Paul, and he became the greatest evangelist who ever lived (most would say.)

Lord, give me the mercy and grace to respond as you would….


  1. yafreax

    cool story

  2. Jay

    I believe there is a big difference in how children are raised here and how they are raised in third world areas… The families play such a bigger role in the spiritual development while here in America, most parents rely on me (a youth director) to strengthen their kids faith. That could be the case here. Great story!

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