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How To Deliver A Baby

The other day I was talking to a friend about my upcoming 3rd child. They remarked that since I live an hour from where we intend to deliver the baby, maybe I should brush up on a few tips on how to do it myself in case I don’t make it all the way there.

Now I’ve seen Little House On The Prairie before. I know you go get some clean sheets and boil some water. I can do that. But not if I’m on the side of the road or something. So I googled it. And man were there lots of articles about it. Even a couple of videos that I’ve not watched yet.

Most of the advice makes sense (remain calm, how the mother remove her lower clothing, wash your hands, call for help, support the baby’s head, etc.). But some was new to me (Apply gentle pressure with one hand to the area below the opening as the baby’s head starts to come out, Guide the first shoulder out, Hold the delivered baby with two hands, keeping its head down (about 45 degree angle) to allow fluids to drain.)

One of the surprising ones was to not tie off or cut the umbilical cord. It says you’re supposed to wait for the placenta and place it up next to the baby on the mother’s abdomen.

BUT…I hope I don’t have to remember all of this. Things seem to be quite normal today. We’re a week out from our due date…


  1. jeremy

    dude, we could’ve done without the pictures

  2. Myra Jackson

    Before I read the post I thought that was Bev and that ya’ll had had the baby! I guess that could be Bev with a previous delivery. Glad you brushed up on your knowledge of the subject….it might come in handy someday, you just never know.

  3. Blake

    Nah, that wasn’t Bev. Just a pic that I found.

    and Jeremy, you’ve had two little girls already. You know what a placenta looks like, right?

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