Like I was saying....

So I’ve got the bug again…

About a year ago I got swamped with some camera envy and an overwhelming desire to buy a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR). That means one that you actually change the lens on for different purposes.

I used to really be into photography when I was in high school. I bought myself a good one w/ some summer job money and worked for about two years for the local newspaper shooting mainly high school sports. I had a few different magazine subscriptions to photography magazines. But there were no websites or message boards to check out because the internet didn’t exist yet. And if it did, my Commodore computer wouldn’t access it.

But I’m thinking I’m close now to taking the plunge again. I’d like do a little of everything at first I think. But I now live in a place that is absolutely rich for photographic opportunities. I think my oldest daughter will start up soccer again in the fall. There are two school systems and a university here in town with tons of sporting events. Lots of people live in and around the area that might eventually want something taken of them. And I want to see what I can do.

I had been trying to decide between Canon and Nikon. Then I thought I’d settled on the Canon 40D. But some recent advice came that I should consider going with the 30D and spend the price difference on an extra or better lens…

But in the near future I hope whoever reads this will get to see a little photographic genius. But first I gotta find it! And if anyone has any advice, I’d love some! I’ve been reading quite a handful of photographer’s blogs lately and even asking them some Q’s.


  1. g

    Before planning to prosper financially at photography, check the Yellow Pages or ask around to see if their is an abundance of photographers / studios in your area. Either way, one can have a lot of fun with a camera, and you have definitely shown “a photographer’s eye”, so I’ll be anticipating some of that photographic genius you mentioned.

  2. Emily

    I’m excited about you having the bug again! Can’t wait to see pictures of your girls and Oxford! Gosh, I miss that place!

  3. jeremy

    my only advise is to BUY A CAMERA…

    after you done with all this new baby stuff of course.

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