Like I was saying....

The bags are packed…


In the past I don’t know that we really packed any bags in preparation for going to the hospital. We lived within five minutes from the hospital. So if we really needed anything, either I could run get it, or we could have someone run a quick errand for us.

But now we live an hour from the hospital. And when it’s time to go, we want to be able to hit the road without confusion. So we packed some clothes in the bags and left them in the hallway. True, our due date is still about 10 days away. But you never know. And when The Wife tells you she’s feeling a little “tightness” now and then…I want to be ready.

Now The Wife says that it’s not really contractions. And I trust her. She’s had two of these things happen before. But this is also the same woman who didn’t make it INTO the hospital last time we had a child. We were in the parking lot. So…just trying to be ready.


  1. Emily

    That’s pretty exciting, Blake, and I’m so proud of you for being prepared! I can’t wait for the next Thompson addition! Luck and love to you and your girls.

  2. Blake

    Thanks so much, Emily. We didn’t have to go anywhere last night. So now that it’s Good Friday…I’m really hoping that nothing happens baby wise until Monday.

  3. jeremy

    yes, she didn’t make it INTO the hospital DESPITE being only five minutes away… you may be delivering this one on your own … don’t worry, people did it that way for years…

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