Ok. I’m hooked.

I remember seeing the previews for the new show LOST back in the summer. Looked like it would be quite an interesting show. But it came on at 7pm on Wednesdays. Right smack in the middle of my church activities. No way around it. And our VCR couldn’t record that channel either. So I resigned myself into seeing if it would be around. I could get back in time for Alias at 8, but I always had to miss the last few min of LOST so as not to ruin the show if I actually ended up watching it later.

I caught the 2nd episode a few weeks back. Was a little lost myself (ouch, bad humor) but got semi hooked. But I’ve found the other episodes on the net now and have been watching most of them. I’m about halfway through the season now. I’m hearing that some of the writers/produces may have taken on some other projects, so I’m not sure if the quality of the plot will be maintained. But I aim to keep up.

There’s crazy stuff on that island.