Like I was saying....

It now comes in two’s

Tomorrow morning will be the first Sunday that we begin running two services. I’m excited to see what all happens. I bet there will be a decent crowd of people there since tomorrow night is the Super Bowl. Crazy, but this will be the first Super Bowl where I miss kick off since probably 4th grade or something. And I’m not that young anymore.

But a lot of people will go watch the game somewhere instead of coming to the evening service. But we live in Oxford. And Eli Manning went to Ole Miss and is playing for the Giants. So there may be a VERY slim crowd tomorrow night.

Time will tell…


  1. g

    Well, Eli did well. How did things go there on your first “double” Sunday?

  2. Jenny

    I want to know how bev is doing. 🙂 I hope your doing great, everything sounds good from your posts. Keep in touch.

  3. g

    Hope you had a GREAT birthday!

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