In less than 2 hours The Bulldogs kickoff the SEC schedule. They had a fairly easy time last week with Murray State. The first quarter started to worry me. Murray is One-Double-A and they were picking up yards and first downs easily at first. But we shook the rust off and played a good game. I was impressed. Of course it was a lesser opponent. This week we play Auburn. Much better. We’re favored to lose by 14 or so. I doubt that happens. But I thought we’d win more than 3 games last year too.

Last night was our first Junior High Dance of the 2005 football season. It was my first ever. But apparently it is quite the tradition in these parts. And sometimes it’s reputation isn’t the best. Some booty music has produced some booty dancing and the like. But I think things went fairly well. We had door prizes and even a game (Chubby Bunny).

Around the middle of the dance, someone said they smelled a bit of gas in the kitchen. I caught the slightest whiff, but thought nothing of it. But it got stronger. The kids left. The policeman called the fire dept who said we needed to call Mississippi Valley Gas. But it could be up to 2 hours…or more since they’re in a state of emergency because of the hurricane. So they were going to come later. But I realized I needed to turn the alarm off.

So I go to the main office to do that. But I’ve only bypassed the alarm BEFORE it is armed before. So I was going in thinking I knew what to do. But I set it off. It’s going nuts. But the policeman is still there. So he radios the Station and tells them to disregard. I get it turned off. And go home. Then I find out that Edward got called anyhow and actually went up to the church at close to 1am. I bet we have an interesting conversation.