Well, I have been planning to go back and swap my no good (but brand new) video iPod for a good one and get to listening to it. I even spend a bit of time working with iTunes to get my music/podcast library in order. But just before I left to go to Circuit City for the swap, I looked on Amazon.com again…and there was a change.

All weekend there’d been an “Out Of Stock” notice for the Zen Vision:M. So it could be 2-3 weeks before they’d be able to ship one of those puppies. But now they say they are in stock and would ship out in about 24 hours! That means I could have it by the weekend if mail works right for me. Oh the drama.

So I actually get up to the counter and give my receipt and everything w/o knowing my final decision. But I hear the words “refund” come out of my mouth. So I got home and ordered a Zen Vision:M. So instead of listening to podcasts of a sermon on my new, sleek, black Video iPod while I fall asleep, I am waiting for Mr. Postman (or Mr. UPS) to bring me a different kind of player. One that supposedly has better sound, better video, better selection of file formats, and not as “sexy” and popular of a choice.
I’m either going to be elated or slightly disappointed. I went with the “maybe better than” instead of the “definatly good“.  I only hope the reviews were correct and not fluff…