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Outside of Joe Joe’s

So I’m in a parked car on an old iBook G4 outside of a coffee shop using some bootleg wifi. Such is life.

Pat and I came over for some meetings. But I’m not a part of the first meeting.  So I’m running a few errands around Tupelo before the meeting I am a part of.

The first official Sunday is over now. It went well. I got to meet a few new people. I think that’s going to be something I should and will be doing a lot of these next few weeks/months. To be a leader of small groups I’ll need to make a lot of connections. Sorta the same, but sorta different from leading youth specifically.  We’re still trying to map out what involvement I’ll have with the youth ministry here at The Orchard in Oxford. I know I’ll have some, but not sure to what degree. And it may be something that shifts and changes as time moves.

I’ve not yet spent even a week up here in the “North”, but there are a lot of familiar places and spots. It’s good to be back. But there’s still lots I miss from Clinton…. again, such is life.But it’s really cool seeing the church in Oxford still in it’s toddler stage of life. And all the potential and promise that it holds.

But as I was driving up yesterday, The Wife reminded me …that I need to rely completely on God. That’s it’s Him in me that even made any of this possible. And with all the busyness of the holidays and final youth trips, and traveling, and living out of a suitcase….I’ve let some of that slip.

So I ask for your prayers specifically for 2 things: That I spend time intimately with Jesus as I take these next steps in my life, and that our house sells. There may be a lead on that one…so I really, really, really, really want that to happen quickly.


  1. Jenny

    Mmm, it’s definitely good to hear some of the crazy awesome things God is doing and is definitely going to do in your life. I like to hear that there may be a “lead” on selling your house? That’s great! One of the things that I love most about Bev is that she really does completely rely on God. One of the more serious talks I had with her we talked about Proverbs 3:5 I really like how that is emphasized in her life. Well, I will definitely be praying for you and the fam-I can honestly say that I am really really excited for all of you :)you are missed! 🙂

  2. Blake

    Know that you are missed as well. And when we get settled and in a house and all…that you’ll always be welcomed to come hang out with us!

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